December 20, 2013
The Third Way “An Old New Idea”

This may be the first post in a couple of months. I’ve took this time outside of social networks and spent it studying and working. And I haven’t posted anything, I’ve relatively kept quiet on the issues that arose over the past several months. And just to reassure, I do have opinions, rather strong opinions, on such issues and I do care not to disappoint.

But I want to write about something that I’ve read. What I’ve learned. And what I believe will be good for the country and the world as it evolves. It is called the “Third Way”. 

It is political in nature and, as the name suggests, it is a thinking that is different from the left, right, and center approach to politics. It is a third way!

Our political system ultimately when broken into it’s component parts it centers around the question “How do we allocate resources?”. And with the responses; coming from the polar opposites of politics, the left would respond with a socialist model of policy that favors redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor- with heavy government activism that promotes social justice through economic equality. While on the right, the response would be to have a liberal capitalist model of policy that favors free enterprise and economic competition that opens opportunity for those who seek it- with little or no government intervention in the markets. As evident there are flaws with both models, one cannot have opportunity and growth with a socialist model and one cannot have safeguards for the sick and poor with a limited government that gives free reign for corporate interests and true competition killed by monopolies. 

it seems that the conversation always seems to go back and forth. And no true progress is made because both sides only want to gather enough majorities to implement their values. 

But there is another way. It is the Third Way. It reconciles the need for capitalism with all it’s glory for opportunity and growth while guarding those who cannot guard themselves. It offers the businesses the low taxes and lack of limitations needed for innovation. And it achieves economic competition by offering skills and production instead of income distribution. 

Markets are effective generators of wealth. They must have a central role in the economy. But markets sometimes fail destroying industries and ultimately the wealth made. This requires the government to step in and to regulate industries, allowing the most amount of competition, while securing a just society. 

The Third Way advocates for common sense reform that is pragmatic and centered. It offers a solution that is economically conservative, while promoting the progressive values of social liberals. A just society needs a reconciliatory solution to it’s problems. 

November 24, 2013
I’ve never heard of such disrespect. The type that they point towards the President. All of these hateful, spiteful, things that come from the opposition. I can never understand the hate they have for the President. I can understand a simple disagreement; I disagreed with the policies set by President Bush, but I never called him a “cracker” or any other derogatory and racist comment. I try my best to argue the achievements of our democratic president, the reform of our healthcare system. And yet, it’s like trying to have a conversation with a dog (as Bill Maher put it so). You cannot have an adequate and meaningful conversation if there is no decorum and no adherence to facts! Without facts, it’s simple nonsense. Nothing will get through

November 1, 2013

What I have found was lost. What I have lost was gone. But have I ever lost? To regain as it were undone?

I feel the emptiness, the sorrows, the despair. But I also feel the optimism, the sense of forward, and the desire.

I search for the yellow brick road. But I’m on the concrete. Must I follow the elk who wander into the fields or the tiger who pursues its meals.

I still don’t know. I still don’t deal. But I continue walking the nigh street heels.

October 27, 2013

Democrats have lost the rural folks. We know it. Now, what are we doing to get them back? Nothing.
The Democratic Party lost the rural voters, specifically in the south, after 1964. The party shifted its principles in order to appeal to a broader and more diverse crowd. The changes weren’t so political as it was an identity problem.
But now the time has come where Democrats can more appeal to moderates and fiscal conservatives; white collar folks. The Democratic Party has proven to embrace Keynesian economics, it’s time to prove the case. Why self-described fiscal conservatives turned keynesians. That is a case to be made.
Democrats should refocus political issues to the economy, while it is apparent that the populace is more accepting of social liberal values. It isn’t enough to persuade voters to effectively continue voting democrat. The refocus to the economy can focus on a broader base and with the case of Keynesianism to be met can further persuade more voters. That is a case to be made.
And ultimately, democrats should look toward the future. It should continue accepting diversity in it’s party and celebrate it. America is becoming a more pluralistic nation that can truly live to the creed of multiculturalism. And Democrats should make the case that immigrants only add to the American culture, not disrespect it. That is a case to be made.

October 11, 2013

when you look up hank on google images it literally just says "minerals" "toilet" "angry"


when you look up hank on google images it literally just says 
"minerals" "toilet" "angry"

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October 8, 2013
Save the New Deal

The Republicans aren’t relenting on pursuing this deal to no where. They are insisting on defunding the ACA for a year in exchange to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government for 6 weeks. What type of compromise is that? 

The Tea baggers are forcing the GOP to their will. And since they’ve lost all forms of electing representatives that share their interests; losing to the Democratically-controlled Senate and Presidency and to the Supreme Court Ruling. They have succumbed to governing by extortion.  
But really. Why fumble over the debt ceiling. It would hurt everyone in the process…right? Here’s a revelation for you, the Tea Party is interested in tying the blame to the President and to drown the frail government in a bath tub. So why not throw us over the cliff. Blame the President. And in the process drown the beast; as the government approaches the ceiling the Treasury would begin to prioritize payments and leaving out Social Security and Medicare payments in favor of interest payments. Effectively the Treasury would keep doing this until it was unable to continue. Interest rates would skyrocket. And the Government would stand and watch defenseless if the standoff continued. 

The Tea party is out to get rid of the New Deal programs and to starve the beast that is the sovereign borrowing that keeps the economy afloat. 

October 5, 2013


ever notice that all of the teen pop sensations from the past few years have the initials JB? jonas brothers, justin bieber, joe biden 

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October 5, 2013

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October 5, 2013

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(by erwannf)

October 4, 2013
America’s New Progressives

The natural sequence of events have forced us to rethink our social progress. Our country needs a new ideological viewpoint that unifies libertarian and moderate values.

I call to action protections to the promises we’ve made and move forward with a new vision for America. I call this Neoprogressivism. 

Here are what I propose as changes to our current system.

Social Security should not be privatized. Social Security should be devolved and the responsibilities be given to the states. Legislative language should include the following.

1.Eliminate the Federal social security tax (set date at devolution of Social Security)

2.Mandate State Governments set up their own social security program that maintains a national database transferable to other states (Current SSA issued numbers will be transferred to the state program)

3. Starting 2025, retirees will no longer be able to retire under the Federal Social Security program. Their credits are transferred to their respective state program with Social Security Trust Funds. States will be given time to set up plans for their programs and a timetable for effective transition.

4. Current and future Social Security offices and respective employees are under flagship of the state’s pension program. Funding will continue coming from the national government transitioning under responsibility from state government. 

Medicare should face the same initiative. Send responsibility to the states. 

1. Eliminate the Federal Medicare tax

2. Mandate State Governments combine Medicare and Medicaid into a singular program that covers seniors and low-income persons. 

3. Medicare trust will be transferred to cover expenses until state governments finalize development of their programs. 

Universal health coverage will be maintained through the provisions set by the Affordable Care Act. 

Drug Decriminalization, we must recognize that people who do drugs are in need of help, they should not be sent to jail, they should be sent to rehabilitation centers and away from influences.

-statutes that include driving under the influence and crimes committed under the influence of drugs will be kept in place (note: they will be charges for the proxy crimes committed) but individuals who do not commit crimes other than using drugs should not be sent to prison. 

Economic Protectionism the United States should seek trade policies that reduce the reliance on foreign products and more emphasis on domestic production and keeping jobs here.

Government role in the Economy, government is given the right to regulate interstate commerce by the Constitution. It should regulate practices that hurt consumers and the economy. Reenact the Glass-Steagall Act. 

Labor Unions and the right to form unions should be protected. But government will not instigate formations of unions. Workers have the right to choose and to collectively bargain.

Immigration is the legacy of our great nation and we must continue to seek the best while tending to our value of “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Switch the US immigration system to a merit-based system that allocates immigration visas to those who can fill our economic demands (doctors, scientists, technologists). Keep international students with high education degrees here. And give asylum to those affected by tyrant undemocratic government. 

-Immigration reform must include provisions that prevent future illegal immigration from the southern border. Include a nationwide electronic verification system of immigrant status/work eligibility. 

Immigration reform should permit current undocumented immigrants the ability to seek legal status through a passing of background checks and paying fines. Then the ability to seek permanent residency and citizenship through normal channels.

Gun Regulation should include common sense reforms to try to prevent disturbed individuals from obtaining weapons. It should include a cooperative effort by state and national government to identify those who are classified by mental institutions as unfit for arms and criminals. 

International Affairs just as the United States should seek economic protectionist policies, it should also withdraw from unnecessary international conflicts. Interests should shift back to domestic issues; patriotism lies within our borders in peace-time and should stay there. There are crumbling bridges and roads, lets stop rebuilding failed states. 

War on Terror, the terrorists win when they are able to bring fear into our lives. As a nation we should step back and give rights back to individuals (specifically Privacy). We cannot exchange rights for security, as stated by Ben Franklin, we end up losing more than we gain in our state of mind. 

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